ARTA Turntable

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ARTA Turntable

Berichtdoor gans » ma 20 jun 2016, 8:19

... maybe this is interesting for some of you: ... hp?t=12250

Je hebt niet voldoende permissies om de bijlagen van dit bericht te bekijken.

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Re: ARTA Turntable

Berichtdoor b_force » ma 20 jun 2016, 16:56

A lot of work (and money), for something so simple in my opinion.
Back in the days I just made a stand to turn the speaker cabinet.
The microphone was fixed.

Important thing is to move the mic (or speaker) at the right point (around the front baffle), otherwise you'll introduce a offset in your measurements.

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Re: ARTA Turntable

Berichtdoor Chris_T » ma 20 jun 2016, 18:16

Hello Heinrich,

Thank you for sharing such a nice project! :dank:
This is a very valuable tool for someone who is doing directivity measurements or just likes to use it.
I've made such a direcitivity measurement (in steps of 5 degree) in the past manually, but never again :lol:.
The time & effort saved is well worth the building cost in my humble opinion.
At the moment there are alot of ongoing projects that needs finishing, but this is definetly something i'll keep a tab on.

Greetings, Chris

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Re: ARTA Turntable

Berichtdoor Henkjan » di 21 jun 2016, 0:13

this is nice :goedzo:

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Re: ARTA Turntable

Berichtdoor SARK » di 21 jun 2016, 6:39

Good work and thanks for sharing :idea:
You're getting brutal, Sark. Brutal and needlessly sadistic.
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Thank you, Master Control.

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