MUNDORF MEO, 100uF/350V, ±3%, EVO Oil Capacitor ***VERKOCHT***

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MUNDORF MEO, 100uF/350V, ±3%, EVO Oil Capacitor ***VERKOCHT***

Berichtdoor Toni » vr 13 dec 2019, 13:51

MUNDORF MEO, 100uF/350V, ±3%, EVO Oil Capacitor

Kort gebruikt in testopstelling.

Nieuwprijs is 60 euro p/s
Nu beide voor 70 euro.

The EVO series at Mundorf is intended to offer very high audio precision at a low price and with minimal space-use
Its polypropylene film (PP) is metallized with a layer of aluminum as thick as possible and with a proprietary geometry (Evolution Winding). The coil is then hand-mounted in a shell designed to reduce vibrations.

All these features contribute to a very lively audio reproduction that deeply respects microdynamics and stereophony. The whole EVO series is compliant to the highest standards of safety (self-healing).

Rigid wires for connections are long enough to allow vertical or horizontal mounting. Note that the shorter tab indicates the outer sheet of the capacitor.

This model belongs to the EVO Oil range introducing an oil impregnation step of the polypropylene (PP) films before building the coil. This maneuver removes residual air bubbles with formidable efficiency, which drastically reduces the electrical and mechanical losses associated with vibrations.

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